Company Spotlight: OrthoGraph

Logo Credit: Orthograph
Logo Credit: Orthograph

Company Spotlight does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin. Learn all about the history, BIM journey and latest Building Information Modelling developments of some of the industry’s most-recognised names. This week, learn more about Hungarian software company OrthoGraph, who have developed a popular Building Information Modelling app for iPad that this week’s entry will cast more light upon.

OrthoGraph develop a building surveying application for iPad that makes it possible to survey buildings in the fastest and most precise way. The application creates an intelligent BIM model that can be easily imported to any BIM software platform.

The app creates first floor plans with sketch and tap functionality, with the software recognizing the freehand sketches on the screen and converts them into walls. OrthoGraph uses measured distances and diagonals to create professional accurate floor plans with instant feedback directly on-site. Its functionality focuses on building surveying and not on overall CAD planning, and it supports the concept of BIM including the storage of additional textual/numeric properties, a complex location structure and camera photos as well.

The main idea of the app came from Adam Korbuly, one of the founders who had been participating in projects with massive building surveys. It had become obvious that creating floor plans and as-built drawings based on pencil-and-paper surveys was neither precise nor effective. There are two major points where OrthoGraph can make the surveying work for architects more effective. One is eliminating site revisits, which is the most expensive part, and the other is reducing the back-office workload as much as possible.

OrthoGraph was first released on iPad in 2011 and since then, more than 4500 customers have downloaded the app and its user base is constantly growing. Several BIM enablers have been using OrthoGraph because it allows the exporting of IFC, DXF and PDF files, which can then be easily used in several CAD and BIM software platforms thereafter.

During the last few years, several renowned companies have developed partnerships with OrthoGraph after seeing potential in the software. In 2013, Leica Geosystems AG and Bosch contacted OrthoGraph to develop integration with their laser distance meters. The results of these collaborations were that the app works perfectly with all iPad compatible Leica and Bosch laser distance meters via Bluetooth.

Orthograph have also been recipients of several industry awards. It was “a great honour” for the company to receive accolades in two Best in Biz International Award categories. The prestigious title of ‘App of the Year 2014‘ was bestowed to OrthoGraph, and they were also named Silver Winner amongst ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year‘ nominees.

The company is not stopping with their development, and 2015 looks to be a positive year of growth. OrthoGraph’s future plans include a new business model that will help them to provide a higher-level local service for their customers through a strong partner network. They also are working hard to expand to new platforms such as Android, Mac and Windows.

To learn more about OrthoGraph, follow them on Twitter or visit their official website.

You can also view an OrthoGraph video clip below detailing the app’s functionality.

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