CL3VER announce CL3VER 3.0 release date, Revit functionality confirmed

Logo Credit: CL3VER
Logo Credit: CL3VER

A new version of interactive 3D presentation platform CL3VER, CL3VER 3.0 has been announced, and the new instalment will feature real-time lightmap functionality that will “dramatically improve” a rendering workflow.

The latest in the cloud-based technology series will be released on March 11th, 2015 and will also be compatible with Autodesk Revit. This connectivity means that architects can transfer their 3D models from Revit into CL3VER and then view the building with added “high quality” scene illumination.

The proprietary automatic real-time lightmap rendering solution will “drastically reduce” rendering times compared to traditional visualisation methods and is the perfect platform to use for creating 3D presentations. Users can continue to work on their aforementioned presentations whilst CL3VER renders their work, an example of which can be viewed below in the advanced aesthetic seen after the use of CL3VER 3.0.

According to the official press release, CL3VER 3.0 will offer “engineers, architects, and other design professionals
a higher level of flexibility, allowing them to easily create interactive 3D presentations using existing 3D models”.

Additional features to the new version include a new sharing system that will “enable project owners to
quickly invite users to view, edit and collaborate on projects”, encompassing what a BIM workflow is essentially all about – teamwork.

For more information on the impending release of CL3VER 3.0, read the official press release here, or visit CL3VER’s official website.

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