CEO of dwp|suters talks “tantalising” potential in BIM for Australia

Credit: Twitter (@LeoneLorrimer)
Credit: Twitter (@LeoneLorrimer)

The Chief Executive Officer of an Australian headquartered group of architecture practices has discussed the “shift towards fully integrated BIM”, describing it as “tantalising”.

Leone Lorrimer, CEO of dwp|suters (who operate 14 offices across Asia, Australasia and the Middle East) made reference to Building Information Modelling in an article on Architecture & Design.

BIM’s ability to record data just once before re-using it for years and years to come for a variety of purpose is a trait that excites Lorrimer. She stated: “The further shift towards fully integrated BIM provides the tantalising promise that the model can progress through the building lifecycle to achieve the vision to create data once and use it to improve process, quality and communication.”

Lorrimer also references the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) and their framework of standards. She says that the industry need to engage with modern technological processes and trends, and not leave the innovation to others: “The release of the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) Framework, which outlines activities required to successfully implement BIM across government agencies, private sector clients and industry service providers, is just one initiative towards standard protocols for BIM and Project Team Integration,” explained Lorrimer.

“The profession must engage in leading technical transformation, not watch it pass into the hands of others.”

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