Can’t afford to adopt BIM? “Put your digital hat on” says Cubicle Centre’s Sewell

Credit: Craig Sewell
Credit: Craig Sewell

The Brand and Marketing Director for a manufacturer who are a major Building Information Modelling adoption success story has discussed the best ways to take your BIM first steps, urging businesses to “put your digital hat on”.

Cubicle Centre‘s Craig Sewell has posted a new article on his official blog, in which he shares his tips on how to generate funding to begin your BIM journey, whether you may be an SME architecture practice, start-up BIM consultancy, product manufacturer, etc.

Sewell believes that transitioning to the digital era is the key to success. Your business will gain custom and also save money on expensive print-based advertising, literature and product directories (the latter in the case of manufacturers) by digitising the aforementioned content instead.

“Make your product details available online. Potential customers can then access this information much faster. By the time you’ve put a letter and brochure in an envelope you could have already lost that customer,” explained Sewell.

Sewell then uses his own experiences at Cubicle Centre as a case study, showcasing how he was able to cut costs to build-up cash in the ‘BIM Bank’ for the creation of BIM components, software and training. He elaborated: “When I began looking at the cost of implementing BIM at Cubicle Centre I realised it would be a significant investment.

“I cut costs on print-based: literature, advertising and product directories. These savings enabled the company to invest in BIM with little extra added to the budget.”

By reducing Cubicle Centre’s printed literature, abandoning printed product directories and transitioning from print to digital advertising, he enabled the firm to save £19,000, a great step to help them on their way.

Cubicle Centre now host BIM objects on their official website and bimstore, with Craig due to speak at BIM Show Live 2015.

To read the informative blog post in its entirety, click here.

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