BIMcrunch Editorial: Jack chats to BIM Show Live speakers

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BIMcrunch Editor Jack White is back with another instalment of his Editorial. In this edition, Jack gives his thoughts on the line-up for this year’s BIM Show Live.

Oscars season has begun, Brit Awards fever is spreading and even the road to WrestleMania is upon us! Yet forget all of those monumental upcoming events; preparation for the event the #UKBIMCrew are all waiting for is in full swing – BIM Show Live 2015 is nearly here!

This time last week, delegates who had been waiting on tenterhooks to hear their fate as potential speakers were put out of their misery as #BSL2015 organisers announced this year’s all-star line-up. Who needs Meryl Streep when you have David Philp?

Personally, the event will mark my first time attending a BIM Show Live event and I am excited that this year in particular will be my inaugural visit. Come next year’s BSL, the UK Government’s Level 2 mandate will have begun, so this year moreso than ever before, eyes will be on BIM Show Live so that delegates can get some last minute golden nuggets of advice to help keep them afloat once 2016’s tidal wave of BIM euphoria makes an impact. With so many businesses and practices wanting to get ready for 2016, we can expect some incredibly insightful presentations that will educate and inspire the current non-adopters.

Examining the schedule, many new faces are interjected alongside some seasoned professionals with an expertise so unrivalled that there is no doubt in regards to why they were selected again. The selection clearly reflects the Building Information Modelling community as a whole; no matter what age or skill level you may be at, it is important for early adopters and later starters to come together and share ideas and solutions.

The programme will kick off with David Philp, Head of BIM at the UK BIM Task Group providing an opening address. If anyone knows BIM, it is David. His infectious attitude regarding BIM will definitely rub off onto anyone who has not seen him present before. Another professional who shares equal enthusiasm is BIM Show Live organiser, Rob Charlton. Rob’s talk is named ‘State of the Nation‘, and he gave comment to BIMcrunch regarding the upcoming BIM Show.

“When I saw the submissions this year for BIM Show Live, I was delighted. The numbers had increased slightly from last year but what was so apparent was the quality and depth of the subjects.

“We have been able to spread the quality into the Define and Validate stage as well as Operate and Maintain ensuring we are getting the complete project lifecycle. This year we have more commissioning clients and facilities managers which has been missing from previous conferences.

“I’m looking forward to the discussion over the two days and hearing the good, the bad and the ugly of BIM.”

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Another well-known name within the industry is Tekla‘s Duncan Reed, whose appearance at this year’s BSL marks his fourth time attending, yet his first as a speaker. Reed is also an Ambassador of thinkBIM, the industry group he will represent at the conference. Discussing stepping behind the rostrum for the first time, Duncan said:

“This will be my 4th BIM Show Live but my first as a speaker! Hoping for another year of great classes and discussions with lots of ideas to take back to the thinkBIM network over the Pennines. After all ‘It’s BIM up north’”.

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Sticking with Day One, alongside Duncan Reed, other delegates are to co-present with him to tackle how SMEs can get ready for 2016. With a panel of five speakers representing BIM4SME, thinkBIM and WYG, this particular presentation is one that I think everyone should definitely be looking out for.

As aforementioned by Rob Charlton, the often forgotten element of a BIM lifecycle, Facilities Management, is also to receive some major representation come BIM Show Live, and rightfully so. The likes of BAM FM‘s Reid Cunningham, and BIM.TechnologiesAdam Ward were selected to give their tips on this. After speaking about FM at BIM Show Live for Manufacturers also, Adam is the ideal candidate to conduct a similar seminar on this crucial subject to consider. There’ll no doubt be a Cobie Smulders reference or two. We’re hoping a nod to Kobe Bryant may debut too! He told us:

“After speaking about FM at BIM Show Live for Manufacturers and ensuring in my day job that all necessary information is available for Facilities Managers within project models, I hope people will gain something from my talk come BIM Show Live. Having BIM models cater for facilities managers and building owners for after the development of a project is important and I’m glad to have been chosen to discuss this topic.”

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Speaking of BIM Show Live for Manufacturers, another speaker from that event will also transition to the industry-wide scale of BIM Show Live. Cubicle Centre were early adopters, and Craig Sewell, Digital: Marketing and Manufacturing, spoke to us about their upcoming slot.

“The strapline for BIM Show Live this year is on the money – ‘Last year was serious – now it’s time to prove it’. Enough talk of best practise and how everyone SHOULD be doing BIM – let’s see what people are ACTUALLY doing, how BIM is developing businesses and improving process.

“Being selected to present again means another opportunity to get a manufacturer perspective across to the UK BIM community. I hope as many of you as possible will join us for some #YorkshireBIM on the Manufacture and Assemble stage as we demonstrate how BIM has transformed production at Cubicle Centre.”

Day Two is to kick off in a major way, in what I feel may be the most interesting session of the event. Building Information Modelling adoption relating to landscape architecture projects is thus far slow. Landscape professionals are ready to implement BIM, yet many just simply don’t know how or what particular software they should choose.

Later this year, Colour Urban Design‘s Henry Fenby-Taylor is to release a book entitled BIM for Landscape. No doubt acting as a pre-cursor to the publication release, the Landscape BIM System Designer’s showcase will surely enlighten the audience in attendance. We’re looking forward to this one!

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BIM consultancy Ibsecad will also be represented on stage. Their Business Development Director, Richard Baglow will present a case study, which will be of great benefit to those watching in Manchester Central. Speaking to us about their project in-question and who he is excited to see present, Baglow stated:

“I’m really pleased that we have made the selection for BSL 2015. Last year’s event was fantastic as a visitor but having the opportunity to contribute as a speaker has made it even more special for Ibsecad.

“This year we are partnered with ISG and UBS to present the BIM process adopted on the 5 Broadgate fit out project and hope we receive the same positive attendance and feedback as last year.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Shaun Farrell present again as his presentation on the Gutenborg project was really refreshing and informative. Here’s to 2015; excited already!”

Another first-time speaker is DSG Quantity Surveyors‘ Head of BIM, Bernadette Lord. She told BIMcrunch that she is “thoroughly looking forward” to sharing her knowledge and experiences.

“We are thoroughly looking forward to presenting at the BIM Show Live. As one of the leading BIM events, it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the exciting work we are doing with BIM and to encourage others to do the same. It will also be very interesting to see how things have moved on in 12 months, as last year’s presentations several companies were still gearing up for BIM and exploring the theory rather than the practical aspect, but now 12 months on – and with many projects now fully established. It will be great to hear from those at the forefront.”

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It’s safe to say that I am very excited to attend BIM Show Live, and it seems I’m not alone judging by some of the speakers I chatted to above! The event truly is the world’s biggest BIM conference – the ultimate event. All elements of the project lifecycle will be discussed, various countries across the world are being represented and the relationship between BIM and a variety of construction types will be on show. I’d make sure I didn’t miss out!

For more information on the BIM Show Live schedule, speakers and how to book your place, visit the official website.

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