BIM4M2 publish BIM Adoption survey results: Who makes your products?

Credit: BIM4M2
Credit: BIM4M2

The results of a 2014 Building Information Modelling adoption survey aimed at product manufacturers have been unveiled, and very interesting results about how manufacturers create their BIM objects has been revealed.

The UK-based questionnaire conducted by BIM4M2 was answered between June and October 2014 by 188 volunteers. The survey recipients answered various questions on their BIM journey thus far, and whilst most the respondents were product manufacturers (85.6%), other roles also answered, including distributors (8%) and architects (1.6%).

A major talking point that has came out of the survey relates to the source that creates BIM objects for manufacturers. Whilst the results are vague in their presentation, some intriguing results are apparent. In a perhaps surprising turn of events, 56.3% of respondents develop BIM content through their own website (confusing choice of words, presumably means created by themselves or an outside party and then hosted through their website).

33.8% of surveyed people develop BIM objects on request (not apparent whether these objects are then hosted online or given to the client direct).

Out of the three market-leading BIM content creation platforms, most manufacturers surveyed have bimstore develop their products (22.5%). National BIM Library follow behind with 18.8% and BIMobject create 3.8% of content for the UK professionals surveyed.

Although this particular poll tallies over 100%, it can be presumed that those surveyed could select more than one answer (for example, manufacturers may host with more than one portal).

Elsewhere in the results, other fascinating statistics were revealed. When asked when they plan to have their products created in BIM format, 49.4% said in 2015, whilst 44.7% had already began the transition to BIM in 2014.

In relation to software format, 73.8% have their products available for Autodesk Revit, with 20% being GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD compatible and 17.5% choosing Bentley‘s Building Suite. When asked if they would expand across more than one platform, 75.5% said no, with GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD coming in second (9.4%).

To view the report in its entirety (highly recommended), click here. Follow BIM4M2 on Twitter via this link.

Our friends at Barbour Product Search are to conduct a Q&A with BIM4M2 Chairman, Steve Thompson. Learn more on that here.

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