BIM Voice: Quadra Solutions – Begin with the End in Mind

Credit: Quadra Solutions
Credit: Quadra Solutions

BIMcrunch has become a platform for a plethora of elite industry names to become guest writers on the site and share their thoughts and opinions with the #GlobalBIMCrew. Today, not a sole writer but an entire company share their voice, as Quadra Solutions discuss having the end in mind when you are at the beginning of your BIM journey.

It has often been said that every journey starts with a single step. We at Quadra Solutions, believe that every journey starts with a question.

Where, when, who, why? Asking the right questions ensures the success of any journey and this is no different for BIM. What goals do we want to achieve from using BIM? Where do we want our organisation to be in the future? How do we achieve these goals, evaluate them and continue to exceed them?

The BIM Journey is not a short one; it’s a long-term and continuous journey, which doesn’t stop once you’ve achieved your initial goals. And because of this the destination is always changing. For many organisations the desired ‘destination’ is a reduction in waste, risk or errors and an increase in efficiency. But as a result of effective BIM usage, organisations can benefit from enhanced design quality, improved communications and quicker project delivery.

A BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is an important part of your BIM Journey and is something that is rarely done in isolation and needs to be communicated throughout the organisation. We are ¬helping numerous companies evaluate their plans, supported them in their process and helped with their first steps.

Evaluating the potential success of BIM implementation is essential. According to the National Federation of Builders, 75% of current BIM users say their organisations regularly quantitatively assess the impact of BIM and have done so from the very beginning. In order to manage the success of BIM, organisations evaluate their ability to deliver projects on time, the reduction in remedial work or their success when tendering for contracts. In a online survey conducted by Autodesk, over half of respondents experienced productivity gains of over 50% using Revit and 17% experienced productivity gains of over 100%.

And as with any journey, BIM only succeeds if the correct preparations have been made; this includes embracing the BIM ethos, investing in the right support mechanisms and regularly maintaining and managing the process. Don’t forget it’s not only the financial contribution but also a cultural consideration that needs to be considered when implementing BIM.

At Quadra Solutions we work with a range of organisations at every stage of their BIM Maturity level; from organisations that are just starting to undertake BIM projects, to those further into their journey. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts look at each case individually and undertake consultation to ensure our partners have all the answers required, to get the most from the transition to BIM. For more information about our partnership led approach to software, training, technical support and consultancy contact us or

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