BIM to be used on US and Canada’s ‘Seaway Skyway’ bridge

Credit: Clarkson University
Credit: Clarkson University

Building Information Modelling is to prove crucial in the testing and monitoring of one of Canada and The United States‘ country-connecting bridges.

An extensive BIM model of Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge, which links Ogdensburg, New York to Johnstown, Ontario, will be developed by Clarkson University in association with the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority (OBPA). Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other sensing technologies will also be used as the basis of future research and facilities management to be conducted by the OBPA.

“The Authority’s partnership with Clarkson University will provide essential information to maintain, monitor, and control the International Bridge,” explained Wade A. Davis, OBPA Executive Director. “This information will be beneficial as it helps the Authority preserve a structure which is critical to the North Country’s economy.”

The bridge – also known as the Seaway Skyway – will be monitored over a three-year period by Clarkson University. During the first year, the “robust” BIM model will be created and in subsequent years and months, the 3D representation will be used to better understand and capture the overall facility needs of the various elements of the bridge structure”.

Clarkson University’s Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Kerop Janoyan also commented on the partnership, stating: “The Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge is a vital link in the infrastructure that links the North Country with Canada, the United States’ largest trading partner.

“Clarkson University is pleased to play a role in this and other projects that support economic development in the North Country and New York State.”

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