Best BIM Bad BIM: Neil Marshall

Best BIM Bad BIM - Neil Marshall

Answered from either a personal or industry-viewpoint perspective, Best BIM Bad BIM sees a member of the #GlobalBIMCrew divulge their best and worst BIM experiences and what they have learned from both. Today, Information Manager at BIM.Technologies, Neil Marshall shares his best and bad thoughts on BIM.

What are Neil’s Best BIM Experiences?

My personal best experience of BIM was on a project where we managed to engage the service users of a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) facility into the process. Myself and the team utilised the model to aid the selection of bespoke wallpaper graphics, internal finishes and furniture. This opportunity really added to the design process and ultimately delivered a better building. The benefits from having modelled the building and being able to use this for user engagement really added value to the process.

I have to tip my hat to the BIM Task Group too. Having travelled to Europe and the USA to talk about BIM, it has really hit home that we [the UK] are fortunate to have a government that is driving the adoption and standards with a clear agenda.

What is your Worst BIM Experience/What are the worst trends in BIM?

What gripes me most about BIM is when I discover that opportunities to reuse information are not being realised through either a “we’ve always done it this way” attitude or simple failure through lack of willingness to look at new ways of doing things.
Lack of openness and honesty is another pet hate of mine and also, so is saying you can do something you can’t and then trying to influence the process to avoid being exposed.

What lessons have you/can be learned from both?

I think we should congratulate the people at the top who are driving us forward with BIM and building this into our standards. Our neighbours will be looking at how we get on over the next 12 months. So it’s up to us to do a good job.

In addition, engage everyone into the process and allow them to see the benefits which will drive us forward and give us the opportunity to improve our industry and ultimately deliver better buildings for our needs.

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