B&ES survey reveals drop in Building Information Modelling implementation

Credit: B&ES
Credit: B&ES

The latest survey conducted by the Building and Engineering Services Association (B&ES) has collated shocking statistics concerning Building Information Modelling implementation.

Although the UK Government’s 2016 BIM mandate is just around the corner, B&ES members that answered the survey are utilising BIM less than the previous six months. The state of trade survey measures various trends within the careers of the respondents from June to December, and according to The Construction Index, low BIM engagement figures were “to the surprise of the B&ES”.

Only 26% of respondents were handling BIM projects compared to the previous period in which 35% of those who took the questionnaire were engaged with BIM.

Reasons for the low figure could be that those working on BIM projects simply did not answer the survey, as only 15% of B&ES member firms took part in the survey, which was the sixth overall. In addition, early adopters may be beginning their BIM journey in 2015, meaning that BIM projects were less prevalent between June and December of last year for B&ES members.

B&ES President Andy Sneyd has stated that the construction sector landscape is looking a little bleaker than many may have expected. He said: “Certainly, anecdotal evidence provided by my fellow members in recent times has given the impression that the upturn in UK construction is rather more sustained than these figures suggest.”

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