Middlesex University’s Collett talks BIM: A “new dawn” for construction?

Credit: Twitter (@University_Matt)
Credit: Twitter (@University_Matt)

In the inaugural edition of British Expertise‘s new magazine titled Expert View, an article has provided spotlight on the world of Building Information Modelling, what the process means for the construction sector, and how one university are offering the perfect degree to support its implementation.

Middlesex University‘s Matt Collett, wrote the article for the first-ever Expert View, describing BIM as bringing “to fruition the full digitisation of the design, build and maintenance of a structure”, ultimately immortalising projects in digital format.

Collett speaks about his place of work, currently the only establishment in the United Kingdom that offers a Building Information Modelling-related degree, a course in BIM Management. The Business Relationship Manager describes the educational platform as a “revolutionary” way to acquire BIM skills.

“The MSc in BIM Management provides professionals from around the globe with the opportunity to gain new skills in the BIM arena,” explains Collett. “The course, as modern as the concepts of BIM itself, it largely online – utilising webinars and online forums to stimulate debate and share learning.

The course leader Dr. Noha Saleeb also provides insight on the course, with him stating: “The aim is to produce practitioners with a qualification to be BIM enabled in their discipline with a critical awareness of contemporary BIM issues informed by technology, research and management skills in both standard and unpredictable secnarios.”

Collett concludes his passage by saying that although describing BIM as a ‘new dawn’ for construction “may be somewhat premature”, he believes that the collaborative style of working that BIM promotes will lead to the modernisation of “not only the physical actions associated with a build process”, but also the way that professional interact more cohesively with one another.

He wrote: “Modernisation of process is a key stimulant to the sustainable future of our digital cities, allowing us – as a sector – to be ever efficient and provide the service and detailed information that will no doubt be in demand in future years.”

To read Collett’s entire article and the rest of Expert View magazine, click here to take you to a digital version.

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