Zaha Hadid: Singapore “can gear up and deliver on” BIM

Credit: Zaha Hadid
Credit: Zaha Hadid

A new interview with a worldwide-renowned architect has painted Singapore it’s industry-leading Building Information Modelling sector in a positive light.

Asia One Business has covered an interview with Zaha Hadid from The Straits Times, in which the popular founder of Zaha Hadid Architects had major praise to bestow to Singapore.

“There is a remarkable degree of enthusiasm, ambition and energy in Singapore that one finds in places where people have embraced the future with confidence – yet not forgotten the past,” stated Iraq-born Hadid.

The article explains that “new design technologies [BIM], advanced materials and construction methods and precision” are to credit for Singapore’s rise to supremacy, filled with “world-class cultural and residential projects” according to Hadid.

One of the first BIM developments in Singapore was a project Hadid’s firm were at the helm of, a high-rise named d’Leedon. Since then, Singapore have gained notoriety for projects such as the Singapore Sports Hub and Project Jewel.

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