WATCH – Videos from CIDB Malaysia’s International BIM Day published

Credit: CIDB Malaysia
Credit: CIDB Malaysia

Videos from last September’s Construction Industry Development BoardMalaysia‘s ‘International BIM Day’ have been uploaded for Building Information Modelling professionals to view.

The CIDB Malaysia event, which commenced on September 22nd, hosted various speakers from Malaysia and across the world including: Director of, Bilal Succar; CIDB Malaysia’s Senior Manager of the Information Technology Division, Mohd Harris Ismail and BRE Director, Nick Tune plus many more respected global BIM experts.

Videos available to view include presentation speeches from the aforementioned individuals and also the ceremony’s Opening Session and two Q&A exchanges.

With nearly three and a half hours of content uploaded from the event, the amount of information and expertise the video sources garners is monumental.

Click here and here respectively to visit the two channels containing three conference videos apiece. Alternatively, watch Nick Tune’s presentation first by clicking play below.

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