WATCH – Lynn Allen speaks at AUx Instanbul

Credit: Autodesk
Credit: Autodesk

A video has been published of Autodesk Evangelist, Lynn Allen‘s keynote speech at last month’s Autodesk University Extension (AUx) Instabul event.

The Turkish AUx was the penultimate instalment in 2014 and held on December 10th. Amongst the many presentations taking place at the event, Allen took to the stage, with her talk being uploaded to the Autodesk Turkey YouTube channel in the process.

Allen started with an astounding fact regarding BIM adoption; 50% of RFPs within the next two years will be Building Information Modelling related – which is a lot! Whilst this won’t affect Turkey as dramatically as other nations due to a lower level of BIM implementation within the region, the fact was still useful for delegates, giving them a sense of how becoming a leader in BIM in Turkey will put them at an advantage right away.

“The future of the AEC industry is definitely in BIM adoption”, declared Allen.

Allen first noted how BIM can save companies money and make their projects more efficient. She said: “About 25% of the amount of money that is spent on a building is wasted in the construction phase. That’s a pretty big number. As you can imagine, building owners are very focused on moving to BIM because it will save them time, and it will save them money.”

Allen also discusses the transition from AutoCAD to BIM tools such as Autodesk Revit, explanations of 4D and 5D levels of BIM, 3D visualisation using Infraworks, countries leading the proverbial BIM pack, McGraw Hill Construction reports and more.

Watch the video by clicking play below.

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