WATCH – JHD Architects discuss benefits of BIM

Credit: JHD Architects
Credit: JHD Architects

Kent-based architecture practice JHD Architects have published a series of Building Information Modelling videos in the hope to inspire their potential customers to understand the benefits of BIM.

One of JHD’s Directors, Timothy Ball narrates several clips which detail an array of positive aspects that BIM can have on a construction project, and in particular, buildings as per Ball’s examples.

Ball describes the power of a BIM model as a “virtual rehearsal” in the firm’s main video that focuses on BIM for small to medium sized contractors.

Ball cites the ease of extracting quantities and billing BIM as a USP for your business as two reasons BIM can prove useful before showcasing a GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD model of a complex of flats, showing how accessible and easy-to-use BIM software tools can be.

The video takes viewers throughout an entire BIM lifecycle, showing how implementing BIM within a project can transform workflows for the better from the start to completion of a project and even beyond the completion into the management of the building.

Speaking to BIMcrunch, Ball reflected on his experiences thus far regarding the perception people have of BIM: “Although BIM gives contractors increased accuracy of cost estimating and improved value engineering, we see few small and medium sized contractors taking advantage of the benefits it can offer.

“We believe that the true power of BIM is harnessed by extracting the additional specification, quantity, H&S, programme and FM data held in the BIM model and using it to manage the project better. Ironically, because there are so few contractors using BIM, it can be a key differentiator and significant competitive advantage to win more work.”

Watch the Benefits of BIM for Contractors video below, visit Timothy Ball’s YouTube channel here and for more on JHD Architects, follow this link.

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