WATCH – Applied Software Associates talk BIM & rebar fabrication

Credit: aSa
Credit: aSa

Veterans of reinforced steel fabrication software Applied Software Associates (aSa) have discusses how Building Information Modelling has had a positive impact on their business.

The US firm’s Director of Software Design, Jeff Cochrane spoke with Informed Infrastructure about the relationship between rebar fabrication and BIM, which according to Cochrane, is now “reaching critical mass” in terms of the scale of its adoption. Discussing BIM’s rise to usage superiority and challenges associate with BIM for fabricators, Cochrane explained: “BIM is certainly reaching critical mass; it is being adopted more and more.

“The demand is coming down from the contractors and the owners and initially, it stopped short of the rebar fabricators. They would require the concrete to be modelled in some of the other trades but now the requirements are coming all the way down. The rebar needs to be modelled so that’s a new challenge for fabricators.”

Cochrane added that for aSa to continue to be the “best at what [they] do”, they will “be progressive” and not be a “Johnny Come Lately” kind of business.

“In any industry, [you have fabricators] who are ahead of the curve and early adopters of new technology, and those people are going in full steam ahead and are doing very well. Then you have other people are kind of ‘Johnny Come Latelys’ and they are the ones that are going be dragged kicking and screaming.

“We have to be progressive and help out the early adopters, but at the same time, not alienate those who adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach.”

Cochrane also discusses BIM further in the video, and we’ll let you hear what he has to say for yourselves by watching below.

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