Report: A “major behavioural change” needed for BIM to reach full potential

Credit: Shepherd Construction
Credit: Shepherd Construction

As we enter a New Year and the UK Government’s 2016 mandate deadline looms ever closer, we have covered a plethora of advice-related articles from early adopters and professionals hoping to get their Building Information Modelling peers ready for 2016.

Another of those experts is Shepherd Construction‘s Martin Wing, who has identified areas in which the industry must improve in order to implement BIM at it’s higher level of potential possible.

Guest blogging on UK Construction Online, Wing says that collaboration will unlock BIM’s vast potential, so acts like refusing to share models to project partners is simply unacceptable. Wing noted: “It’s clear the secret of industry-wide BIM capability lies in a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach across every element of a project.

“Sadly as it stands, there have been examples of firms refusing to share their models on active projects and stories of some companies being forced to switch back to traditional drawing methods half way through a project due to a supplier’s refusal to use BIM.”

Wing reiterates a point that he has made in the past, that various pieces of the puzzle will fit tighter should every be on the same stage as early on as possible during a project lifecycle.

“The focus on achieving best value right from project inception, and making sure that the information is authored and structured in the right way is essential. The only way to achieve this is to ensure collaboration from the entire project team from the outset.

“Approaching projects with early collaboration will also reduce information losses that traditionally occur when a new team takes ‘ownership’ of the project while providing the required information at the right time during the build and to owners/users of the structures.

“However, what has been largely left unsaid is that meeting the brief effectively and utilising BIM to its full potential supported by early engagement will require a major behavioural change and new approaches to the entire project process.”

Take a look at Wing’s entire thoughts by clicking here.

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