Malaysia’s PR1MA release BIM guide to “promote consistent development”

PR1MA's Aminuddin Abdul Manaf (foreground) and KC Ho (background) / Credit: Hussein Shaharuddin
PR1MA’s Aminuddin Abdul Manaf (foreground) and KC Ho (background) / Credit: Hussein Shaharuddin

Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia yesterday announced the release of a Building Information Modelling guide to ensure “consistent development” across all of their ambitious housing development projects.

The firm announced the release of their BIM guide – to make sure that all of their project teams are working as efficiently as possible – at a press conference during the ‘Building Information Modelling Townhall 2015‘ ceremony.

“Our focus has always been towards developing and maintaining the 500,000 homes that we are set to build,” said PR1MA Chief Operating Officer Aminuddin Abdul Manaf. “500,000 homes is a huge figure and right now we are still using the conventional method for home building.”

PR1MA, who are a Government-owned entity, were mandated to build half a million affordable homes for the Malaysian people by 2018. They are hoping to make the process as efficient and sustainable as possible whilst saving time, all thanks to BIM.

Manaf elaborated: “Home construction will be far more cost-effective with BIM and will change the way projects are planned and executed, with reduced times and improved accuracy across designs, variation and final build.”

Also speaking at the press conference, PR1MA BIM’s Assistant Vice President, KC Ho promised increased accuracy relating to costs. He added: “BIM will ensure there is no wastage of materials and that the development projects adhere to the stipulated construction schedule.”

In addition to announcing their guide and intent to rapidly increase their implementation of BIM, two PR1MA projects were announced. The two BIM developments have just been approved and construction has began in Johor.

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