Fraunhofer FIT BIM product spotlighted, to be showcased at event

Credit: Fraunhofer FIT
Credit: Fraunhofer FIT

A new online article has looked at a new BIM-related augmented reality project which is to be showcased at an upcoming industry event.

Dubbed Auto AR, the new product is created by German research organisation Fraunhofer, particularly their Institute for Applied Information Technology, or FIT.

According to Scientific Computing, Auto AR can be mounted to any car and will utilise “BIM data, real-time 3-D engines and special localizing sensors” to create an “attractive” visualisation of a building. The person using the VR tool will wear a headset and sit in the car’s front seat. A very interesting concept indeed!

“The virtual image of the building is superimposed with a centimeter precision,” said explains Dr. Leif Oppermann, head of the group Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions at Fraunhofer FIT. “Architects, developers or future residents, thus, get a much better, realistic impression of the planned building in situ.”

The Auto AR technology will be demonstrated at BAU Munich, which will be held at New Munich Trade Fair Center from January 19 to 24, 2015.

For more information on the unusual BIM tech, click here for extra notes.

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