Exclusive: Aconex CEO believes Australia should “take a further step and mandate BIM”

Credit: Aconex
Credit: Aconex

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of a global construction collaboration company has told BIMcrunch he believes the Australian Government need to “take a further step and mandate BIM”.

In an exclusive conference call with BIMcrunch, Aconex‘s Leigh Jasper believes that the United Kingdom has “certainly benefitted” from their Government’s Building Information Modelling mandate, and that he would like to see Australia’s politicians follow a similar path. He said: “The UK certainly benefitted from the Government driving the adoption of BIM and I think there are clearly positive externalities in using BIM across a delivery of assets. The Government mandate there certainly helps.”

“Australia has put together a framework around BIM and I think Australian companies tend to be early adopters so in a sense, the Government are helping. The Government I think could go a step further and push BIM even more aggressively in the Australian market.”

Elaborating on his point about asset owners being the key to pushing BIM to reach its greatest potential, Jasper commented that as large “significant” asset owners, Australian state Government are in a position to enforce BIM, and should perhaps not ignore it’s potential.

“The Government itself is a big asset owner and I think asset owners need to mandate BIM very early on,” explained Jasper, who founded Aconex alongside Rob Phillpot in 2000. “Whether private or public, asset owners should be specifying and I think given that the state Government are significant asset owners, they could take a further step and mandate BIM.”

Despite the Australian Government stating they will not mandate the use of BIM at all as they do “not seek to tell industry how it should operate”, Jasper believes that once more people discover and understand the benefits of BIM adoption, more minds will start to favour the idea of BIM being mandatory.

“As people see the benefits of BIM, I think it becomes easier for them to be open to the idea of mandating a set of standards, whatever they may be.

“I would certainly like them [State Government] to go to the extent that the UK Government has. They have obviously taken that first step in putting a framework together and look, views change of course so never say never but I think it would certainly be helpful to the industry if they took a further step.”

In our exclusive conference call with Leigh, he also confirmed that Aconex are to create new BIM software plug-ins, following the release of their Autodesk Revit add-on for Aconex Connected BIM.

Our discussion with Leigh will form the basis for an upcoming Company Spotlight, which will debut next month.

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