Exclusive: Aconex “absolutely” developing new BIM plug-ins

Credit: Aconex
Pictured: Aconex CEO, Leigh Jasper. Credit: Aconex

The CEO of global online construction collaboration company Aconex has firmly stated his firm’s intent to create more Building Information Modelling software plug-ins.

In an exclusive conference call with BIMcrunch, Leigh Jasper discussed various aspects of Aconex’s business, which we can reveal will take the form of a Company Spotlight feature in the near future.

The corporation’s intent to create more plug-ins follows their release of an Autodesk Revit add-on, which links the industry-leading BIM software tool with Aconex’s Connected BIM platform. According to Jasper’s Aconex co-founder Rob Phillpot, the management platform “fulfills BIM’s true promise – improved efficiency, reduced risk, faster delivery, higher-quality built assets, and easier operability”.

Regarding future additions bridging the gap between other BIM software formats and Connected BIM, Jasper told BIMcrunch that Aconex are “absolutely” working on new plug-ins.

“As our clients are using other design tools, we want to enable them to get that information to the [Connected BIM] system,” stated Jasper. “[Autodesk] Revit is a leader and that was a plug-in we worked on very early on. We are working on other plug-ins at the moment and they will be released in the coming year or so.”

This news follows the successful Connected BIM launch and its subsequent planned use on major construction projects.

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