Crunch Time: Grace Lewis

Crunch Time - Grace Lewis 2

The #GlobalBIMCrew are known for being an incredibly lively, sociable and helpful group of people who love to discuss their experiences within the Building Information Modelling sector whilst attending a plethora of nationwide BIM events. How would you like to get to know even more about your fellow BIM enthusiasts and experts? Crunch Time will let you learn more about your fellow industry members as they answer fun questions against the clock.

The BIM industry professional you will learn more about personally and professionally this week is Grace Lewis, Content and Community Manager at Barbour Product Search.

Before the quickfire questions come flying your way Grace, can you explain more to readers about Barbour Product Search and the service it provides, as well as how the website caters for those in the BIM community?

Barbour Product Search is an image-led, digital building product directory created by the people who published the Barbour Compendium, aka ‘the big red book.’ Our editors update the site regularly with new products, companies and case studies to provide a comprehensive resource for architects and other specifiers looking for products, manufacturers & inspiration.

Specifiers can download brochures, technical data and also BIM objects directly from manufacturer profiles. We also provide lots of useful information about BIM developments for the wider BIM community.

There is also a blog regularly updated with insightful articles. How did that come about?

We launched the blog a few years ago to create a dedicated space on our site where construction industry professionals can find useful information about a range of topics, including trends and issues facing the industry – such as building on Greenfield & Brownfield sites. We also have some more light-hearted reads too, e.g. our recent article about the construction of Christmas Markets and the Tiny Houses trend.

And, of course, we have written a great deal about BIM, not only to help support our product manufactures with adopting the technology and process, but also because we are very passionate about BIM and keen to stay up-to-date with developments!

It is time for the main portion of the interview now Grace. The #UKBIMCrew and beyond are going to get to know more about you thanks to some quick fire questioning. It’s Crunch Time.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

More of a claim to fame, but I used to serve food to Gary Barlow at a local pub I worked at 10 years ago. It was after Take That first split, but before they reunited so I wasn’t as star struck as I might have been if it had happened now!

How would you describe yourself?

Spontaneous but organised, considerate and a bit of a perfectionist!

Which actor/actress would you choose to play yourself in a film of your life?

Jennifer Aniston. I was a huge Friends fan and always used to ‘try’ and style my hair like Rachel.

What is your favourite ever book and why?

I loved the Twilight Saga. I remember not being able to put them down – just the right balance between action, romance & fantasy.

What is your favourite song of all-time?

I like anything I can turn the volume up to and sing along to in my car. Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror is a favourite.

If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A nice cup (or two) of tea. My colleagues won’t be surprised by this – I never turn down a cup of tea in the office!

Who is your role model?

I’ve just finished reading Karren Brady’s autobiography; her success in business is very inspirational. And I never realised how interesting football could be!

If you could be reincarnated as any animal, what would you choose and why?

A cheetah! I started running earlier this year – imagine being able to run that fast across wide open land?

Your favourite website to visit?

I enjoy reading and Goodreads is great for keeping track of what I’ve read and finding new books recommended by other people. Sometimes though, I think I spend more time creating a ‘to read’ list than I actually do reading.

If you could swap bodies with anyone for a day and live their life, who would you pick?

I’d have to pick a Broadway actress, such as Idina Menzel. I love musical theatre and it would be great to experience being on the stage, as it is something I could never do with my lack of singing & acting talents. I would also get to be back in New York!

Thanks Grace!

You can check out the Barbour Product Search website here, and take a look at their blog via this link. Don’t forget to follow Grace and Barbour Product Search on Twitter by clicking their respective names.

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