British Gypsum: Get information from a trusted source to “capitalise on BIM’s advantages”

Credit: British Gypsum
Credit: British Gypsum

The commercial market manager of plaster board makers British Gypsum has called on fellow manufacturers of Building Information Modelling objects to ensure their BIM products are as rich in data as possible.

Paul French has pinpointed the key aspects of adopting BIM in a new online article, as well as stating the crucial requirements manufacturers need to consider to ensure their products are at the industry standard required.

“In order to get the best out of BIM, accuracy of product and system data is essential,” explained French. “BIM technology is transforming the industry and manufacturers must ensure accurate data is readily available. By acquiring information directly from a product manufacturer, specifiers can ensure they have the most up-to-date information from a trusted source and capitalise on BIM’s advantages, helping to ensure their building has the characteristics and performance of the intended design.”

French also talks about the Saint Gobain-owned company’s BIM portfolio, which is available to download from their website. The ‘White Book System Selector’ allows specifiers to access partition, wall lining, and ceiling system objects for free.

French elaborated: “Critical to the realisation of the benefits BIM can bring to the construction industry is the use of BIM objects containing the most up-to-date and accurate information at an appropriate level of detail.

“To support this, British Gypsum supplies BIM objects in its online White Book System Selector. These are updated in real time, giving specifiers access to the latest data to enable them to select the right specification for the project.”

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Have you downloaded any of British Gypsum’s BIM objects?