BIM Show Live 2015 organiser previews the event

BIM Show Live 2015 4

BIM Show Live founder Rob Charlton has previewed this year’s monumental instalment in a post as part of a new BIM Show Live 2015 official blog.

Charlton, who is also CEO of Space Group, opened his post by expressing how “fortunately we have been able to return to Manchester“, a venue Rob says garnered a lot of positive feedback.

Speaking of positive, Charlton spoke of the high number of submissions as part of this year’s Call for Papers, and apparently, delegates can expect to witness speakers talk “the good and the bad and the ugly”:

“Already it has been great to see the number of papers submitted. What is noticeable this year is the depth and quality of the submissions which is encouraging,” said Charlton.

“Last year you may remember we identified we needed more clients attending so we could hear their perspective of how BIM has impacted on their business. We have been working hard to find the right clients and have managed to get some great speakers from both the public and private sector to share their experiences. We are encouraging them to talk about the good and the bad and the ugly.”

The name behind the likes of bimstore and BIM.Technologies also gave his thoughts on how BIM Show Live can improve. As part of that progression, more information related to facilities management will be accessible this year.

“We also identified that there was need to see a greater input from the facilities management profession. The reality is it is still early days. We have seen clients invest in the idea of Employers Information Requirements this year however we haven’t really seen the benefits in a live operational building yet. We are continuing to try to attract interest from this part of the industry.”

Finally, Rob echoed the thoughts of a recent article promoted on BIMcrunch, in that as an industry, “we need to change behaviours and culture for a more sustainable future”. Charlton stated: “Not only do we need to embrace the benefits of a digital future in our industry we need to change behaviours and culture for a more sustainable future. My theme for this year will be how technology can help us to be more collaborative with a greater level of trust.”

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