BIM Jobs: Senior Revit Architect role up for grabs

Credit: Shape Careers
Credit: Shape Careers

Trying to find a new job can often be compared to a ‘rumble in the jungle’ and if you have the right instincts a London firm are looking for, on top of experience using McNeel Rhinoceros (and primarily Autodesk Revit), then you may well survive to become the fittest in this food chain.

Rhinoceros-related scenario aside, this is a seriously good opportunity we take pleasure in highlighting for interested parties. Shared with via our friends at Shape Careers, the latest BIM Jobs listing focuses on an award-winning architecture practice described as “lively and imaginative”.

The hired applicant will develop and manage the BIM coordination of a 40,000m2 commercial office development in London as well as be responsible for the upkeep of a model in a project in relation to RIBA. The new employee will also mentor the firm’s architectural team and oversee communications with clientele consultant teams.

“Extensive” experience on BIM projects of various scale is an absolute essential as well as being able to take on projects from across various sectors.

In addition to using the aforementioned software, Autodesk AutoCAD and Navisworks skills are also required.

The successful hire can expect a salary of £43,000-£45,000 per year – an attractive amount most definitely!

To read the entire listing and apply for the vacancy, follow this link.

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