Aconex aid BIM and FM data collection for Hensel Phelps

Credit: Aconex
Credit: Aconex

Hensel Phelps Construction have praised an “out-of-the box solution” from Aconex, who were the only firm who had an answer to their client’s “detailed handover requirements”.

Hensel Phelps utilised Aconex Smart Manuals to deliver digital operations and maintenance manuals that included all BIM data. Smart Manuals is a collaborative online handover solution for construction and engineering projects that enables contractors to assemble, capture and review O&M documentation electronically.

This news follows the success of another of Aconex’s product relating to Building Information Modelling, Aconex Connected BIM.

Commenting on how well Aconex’s product met their client’s criteria, Hensel Phelps’ Derek Hoffine said: “After a thorough four-month evaluation, only Aconex met the detailed handover requirements of our client for BIM and facility management. “With Aconex Smart Manuals, we reduced the number of hours to import all of the project data for O&M manuals by at least 30%. We were processing up to 1,000 documents a day, which would have taken weeks to manage manually. Smart Manuals is a simple, out-of-the box solution that doesn’t require users to learn sophisticated hardware or software.”

Frank Kopas, General Manager of the Americas at Aconex also gave his thoughts on the success story of their Colorado, United States-based customer. He stated: “We’re pleased that Hensel Phelps chose Aconex Smart Manuals for the U.S. Federal Office Building project. This solution is a critical element of end-to-end collaboration for information and process management throughout the project lifecycle – from design to construction to handover to operations.”

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