UK BIM Task Group to speak with Australian government

Credit: Construction News
Credit: Construction News

Chairman of the UK UK BIM Task Group Mark Bew is returning to Australia early next year to discuss the UK‘s Level 2 BIM mandate and how the decision to implement it.

Bew visited the Australasian region back in September to talk at Building Information Modelling events and speak with various businesses about the positive impact that BIM is having in the UK. Come next year for his next visit, Bew will be speaking to central government and delivery body Infrastructure Australia.

“We are keen to make our standards, capabilities and experiences available for worldwide adoption, giving UK businesses a tremendous opportunity to grow,” said Bew. “We are not telling them how to do it, just offering up our experiences – good and bad – for them to take on board and use as they see fit.”

AEC sector technical services provider Aurecon facilitated Bew’s journey last time, hosting three events that Bew was a guest speaker at. Aurecon’s Information Management Practice Leader Gavin Cotterill says that the company are hoping to support the trip again. He said:

“Our Integrated Project Delivery Systems group at Aurecon has recognised the work that is being done in the UK, USA, Singapore and other parts of the world have realised that BIM will become the established way of the construction industry. Using our contacts in Australia, we set up meetings with a number of key government officials to discuss where Australia and its design and construction industries should be heading.

“Within Aurecon, we are firmly committed to embracing codes such as BS1192 and the ISO equivalent as the way forward for our BIM offering to the marketplace,” added Cotterill. “Bew’s visit was a first step in our commitment to drive early adoption of high-level BIM in Australia and to integrate this into how we do business with government and the construction sector as a whole.”

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