UK BIM Task Group’s Bew reacts to “small” Level 3 BIM budget

Credit: Construction News
Credit: Construction News

UK BIM Task Group Chairman Mark Bew has commented on the “small” allocation of funding given to the industry group as part of the Government’s Autumn Statement.

Speaking with Building, Bew admitted that the funding his group have been given (which is significantly less than expected) is just a “start-up” allotted pot of cash, meaning whatever form of the Task Group are still running past 2016 must find funding from elsewhere to push past Level 2 BIM into Level 3 adoption.

Citing the upcoming General Election as a reason as to why the purse strings were cut, Bew stated: “We’ve got a small budget to mobilise [Level 3 BIM] and hopefully further lumps of funding will come later on.

“There’s a general election coming so the timing couldn’t be worse, but we’re hopeful for funding after the election … I can’t see us not surviving in some form or another.”

The BIM Task Group, as members of the #UKBIMCrew currently know it, will spearhead an initial Level 3 strategy launch as “early as January” yet at some point in 2015, they will handover duties to a ‘legacy group’ despite the Level 2 mandate not coming into official action until 2016.

Despite speculation regarding a lack of central government support – which will only be fuelled thanks to the BIM Task Group receiving less funding – Bew is confident about the outlook for BIM.

“I’m personally determined to see things through. The difference between this and other initiatives in the past is that this is a proper partnership between industry and government.”

Whilst Bew has commented on the Autumn Statement, the BIM Task Group Twitter account have stated otherwise, saying they will comment once they have digested the article. They tweeted:

Bew’s next assignment as Chairman will see him travel to Australia to pass on expertise and knowledge to their Government early next year.

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