TrueCADD: “Is BIM Overhyped?”

Credit: TrueCADD
Credit: TrueCADD

Indian Computer Aided Design company TrueCADD have posed a very controversial question in their latest blog post – is Building Information Modelling simply overhyped?

The article’s author Gaurang Trivedi notes that without the correct information, the adoption of BIM will have “cascading effects over other construction phases and project is sure to go downhill”. He makes a clear statement that the ‘I’ in BIM, AKA the information, is by far the most important element to consider.

“The benefits of BIM cannot be extracted and optimized until and unless; accurate and detailed information is extracted and is fed into the BIM model,” explained Trivedi.

Trivedi then makes a bold claim that BIM is “way too costly for the benefits it offers”. He elaborates: “A 3D visualization is always nice to get an idea of how your building will look and how it will be constructed. Nevertheless; using BIM for only that, can cost you more than the benefits you will derive.”

However, Trivedi admits that if BIM is used to its full potential, investment is worth it.

“Comprehensive use of BIM for project scheduling and 4D simulation, quantity take offs and hence easy cost estimation bundled up with BIM for clash detection, higher sustainability, better facility management etc, helps gain the maximum returns to not only offset but surpass the investments that you make.”

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Do you agree with Gaurang Trivedi’s comments or is he in fact under-hyping BIM?