Treasury Flood Defence Funding: Will BIM be involved in future plans?

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We are a week removed from the Treasury unveiling plans to inject billions of pounds in cash towards flood defences. Not much is known about how the defences will be constructed and implemented, so perhaps Building Information Modelling will be involved?

BBC News reported on the Treasury’s £2.3 billion commitment to complete more than 1,400 flood defence projects over the next six years. The scheme will see the protection of 300,000 homes across the United Kingdom from £30 billion of damage in areas such as the Thames and Humber Estuaries.

Although BIM is normally used for the likes of roads, buildings and bridges, it has been used this year for the creation for flood defences, and the projects have received major publicity and created a stream of excitement. Could BIM involvement be on the cards again? We think it could be.

Back in October, it was announced that Sitedesk were chosen to support a £53 million scheme protecting various parts of North West England. In addition to that, the first BIM flood defence initiative was announced in August, as Mott McDonald were to supply the BIM model for a £36 million program in Essex.

It safe to say that if these projects run smoothly, the Government will definitely want similar practices to be rolled out.

Click here to read BBC News’ original report.

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