Tekla India tout ‘BIM Complete Constructable Solution Seminar’ success

Credit: Tekla
Credit: Tekla

After initial BIM Complete Constructable Solution Seminar events took place in September, Tekla India have touted the success of the concluding workshops in December and the entire series as a whole.

Held in cities such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata, the symposiums were held “to create awareness amongst the top corporates about latest technologies in modern construction practices in the country”, such as Building Information Modelling.

Speaking at the December event held last week was Tekla‘s Technical Manager, Michael Hodgson. In addition to exciting speakers, a wide variety of delegates also attended, such as “structural engineering consultants, structural, precast and rebar fabricators, project owner, real estate developers, general and concrete contractors, erectors, EPC companies, quantity surveyors and estimators” – a varied list most definitely!

“The structural steel and concrete construction is a huge industry in India,” said Tekla India’s COO & Business Director, Nirmalya Chatterjee. “There have been various technology advancements and breakthroughs that have immensely revolutionised this segment in the recent times. Innovations have led to a more advanced form of automation in the methods and processes, making it swifter and easier. For a construction company to sustain in this constantly rising pace of industry, it is very necessary that it adopts advanced technologies.”

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