Report: ORBIS 3D rail project to increase maintenance efficiences?

Credit: Social Beta
Credit: Social Beta

A 3D Building Information Model of the United Kingdom‘s entire rail network is set to drastically increase future efficiencies of maintenance and repair works.

Sourceable have provided an extensive look at ORBIS, Network Rail‘s latest £300 million project that will take six years in total to complete.

Now into its second year of development, data already collated will be added to additional data collected from LiDAR scanning, some of which will be completed via helicopter. This combination of data will then be used to create a rail infrastructure network model (RINM), a information-saturated BIM tool to enable engineers to “make far more informed decisions about the maintenance and operation” of sections of rail.

As part of the ORBIS Project, engineers can already download an app with the latest up to date version of the RINM, meaning they can access the data via mobile tablets on-site when working on maintenance.

For more information of the ORBIS Project, click here to read the original article.

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