Read | Thomas announce new hirings, their BIM objectives

Credit: Read | Thomas
Credit: Read | Thomas

BIM consultancy Read | Thomas have announced the appointment of their two newest recruits, who aim to bridge the gap between Building Information Modelling and Real-Time Visualisation.

Joining the firm from Dallas-based architects HKS, Chris Roberts and Pat Carmichael are unique within the architecture sector as they possess 10+ years experience at applying virtual reality and simulation product solutions within construction projects.

Discussing why the pair jumped ship to Read | Thomas, Carmichael said: “Chris and I have carefully considered a lot of offers. We ultimately wanted to be part of a team that understands the challenges of AEC industry workflow and appreciates entrepreneurism. Our core technology and experience exists within a larger universe and AEC is our closest solar system.”

Company Founder Phil Read is delighted to have Carmichael and Roberts on board. He commented: “I’ve been following their extraordinary work for over a decade. Their project and client list second to none. Adam and I can’t overstate the wonderful respect we have for them. Their experience and accomplishments are clearly unique in the AEC industry.”

Their first major desire to achieve? Making the transition from Autodesk Revit to Unreal (a video game design engine) much smoother. “It’s about the choosing the right technology and team – but it’s also about timing,” commented Carmichael. “I’m convinced it’s time to democratize real-time visualization, simulation and operations for the AEC industry.”

Pat Carmichael will be making his first major appearance as part of Read | Thomas alongside Phil Read at Autodesk University 2014.

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