Looking for Work: Does Autodesk Certification make a difference?

Credit: Connect
Credit: Connect

Does acquiring Autodesk Certification make a difference to Building Information Modelling sector works looking for work?

At the recent Open Doors 2014 event held in conjunction with Autodesk, Connect – who are an Autodesk EMEA education and training distributor – allowed for AEC professional to be come Autodesk certified, yet has this qualification made a difference to their individual reputations?

A survey carried out by Connect showed that 77% of people polled believe that they now have a better chance at securing work thanks to taking part and getting certified. Another poll showed that 67% of respondents had been asked about their certification when applying for work, another clear example that certification is important.

A further question asked resulted in a very interesting answer. 35% answering that aforementioned question mentioned that when their company were compiling a bid to work on a project, they had already been asked about the individual qualifications and skills of their employees.

A final statistic proved that Autodesk are most definitely the market leaders in relation to BIM software. 82% of people who attended Open Doors 2014 and answered the survey said that their company were already utilising Autodesk software as part of their business.

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