More information released on Colour UDL’s ‘BIM for Landscape’ book

Credit: Colour Urban Design Limited, the Landscape Institute
Credit: Colour Urban Design Limited, the Landscape Institute

A new BDOnline article provides an extended preview of Colour Urban Design Limited‘s work on a new Building Information Modelling publication relating to landscape architecture.

We reported in early November about Colour UDL being granted a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) in association with Teesside University, which enabled them to hire Henry Fenby-Taylor on a full-time basis.

Due to the impact Fenby-Taylor had on the business, he was approached by the Landscape Institute to write BIM for Landscape, which BDOnline have shed more light on.

Jim Riches, BIM Working Group Coordinator at the Landscape Institute, has said that the Newcastle-based architect is perfect to scribe the book due to his “vast knowledge”.

“Henry is suited to this role due to his vast knowledge and experience already gained from working on BIM projects and via his own research, said Riches. “He is a valued member of the Landscape Institute BIM group and is one of the few people who are fully conversant with the intricacies of BIM and how it can and will be applied to landscape.”

Colour UDL’s Managing Director Peter Owens also commented, stating: “For landscape architects, a fully functioning, holistic BIM solution to the design of space that includes ground modelling, coordination with underground services and extends to maintenance in addition to our standard services will provide clients with a far more effective design solution than anything that is traditionally available.”

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