IMAGINiT Technologies offer BIM Facilities Management advice

Credit: IMAGINiT Technologies
Credit: IMAGINiT Technologies

IMAGINiT Technologies have posted a new blog post of their official website, giving readers advice regarding facilities management and the place FM holds within a Building Information Modelling workflow.

Author Peter Costanzo, a Facilities Manager at Rand Worldwide, discuss implementing facilities managers as early as possible in a project timeline to result in the build being as sustainable as possible, aiding the planet by being green and aiding pockets by saving cash.

Costanzo notes three points to enable facilities managers to become more prominent in projects and to receive they need at an earlier date to ensure their presence is made the most of. The first note regards FMs being involved in the building design process. Eichenseer wrote: “The American Institute of Architects suggests that sustainable design requires more parties to be involved early in the design process.

“Facilities management should have a seat at the table and convey what information will be needed for on-going sustainable operation of the building after completion.”

Allowing access for FMs to data is the focus of the second point of advice: “Identify what information is needed in the facilities management system to support sustainable building operations. Efficient facilities management is all about having access to data and using it efficiently.”

Thirdly, Costanzo notes that working with external partners to bridge the gap between your BIM documentation and FM teams can work particularly well. He said: “Rather than reinventing the wheel, it’s preferable to migrate data directly from BIM to the existing facilities management systems. Unfortunately, many facilities management teams don’t have the IT expertise to make that possible and in-house IT teams are usually overburdened with other tasks.

“A good option is hiring an outside partner with expertise in both facilities management and technology to recommend the best approach and help make it happen.”

Click here to read the entirety of Peter Costanzo’s IMAGINiT Technologies blog.

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