Global eTraining and CASE announce “game-changing” partnership

Credit: Global eTraining
Credit: Global eTraining

Canadian software tuition company Global eTraining (GeT) have announced a “game-changing” new business partnership with BIM subject matter experts CASE.

The two major names are to combine the BIM Software & Workflow training platform of the former with the expertise of the staff from the latter. Three years of behind-the-scenes talks have built the foundations for this partnership, which is to “redefine the way virtual BIM training is done” in addition to addressing crucial industry requirements and “spark true cloud-based learning change grounded in innovation and added efficiency”.

David Fano, Managing Director of CASE commented on the partnership. He stated: “We’ve tried and tried to leverage our custom curriculum beyond in-person training for years. With this partnership, we will be able to focus on what really matters to us, which is enabling people to learn and take advantage of amazing technology to do amazing things. GeT will be a great platforms for us to share and distribute advanced topics and techniques for AECO professionals.”

CEO of Global eTraining, Susan Brattberg expressed her excitement at the newly-announced deal. She said: “We are excited to see the best subject-matter experts meet the best learning platform. We will be using our technology to build top-of-the-line courses that would be available to our respective partners as well as to the global reseller network.”

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