GeoBIM Europe 2014: The state of BIM adoption in France

Credit: Geospatial Media
Credit: Geospatial Media

Are France to follow in the United Kingdom‘s footsteps and became the next major European nation to mandate the implementation of Building Information Modelling in one aspect or another?

This could well be the case according to Dr. Souheil Soubra, the Deputy Director of IT at the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB). Speaking at GeoBIM Europe 2014, he referenced the French Minister for Housing, Sylvia Pinel‘s announcement from June 2014 in which she stated that the Western European country would implement a “French numerical strategy”, with the possibility of a 2017 BIM mandate for public procurement.

Geospatial Media are reporting that Soubra suggested there is more reason than ever to believe a 2017 mandate to be the case. He also explained in his presentation that Germany look to implement a BIM mandate around a similar time.

Elsewhere regarding France, Soubra divulged in a major, full-lifecycle BIM project that has been running for 10 years. Evidence of the utilisation of BIM as an entire lifecycle process can be found as way back as 2004, when the Regional Council of Burgundy implemented BIM-based building management across 135 of their sites.

Partnering with ACTIVe3D, the council used BIM up to a facilities management stage on 1.5 million m² of floor space! If the French Government need to cite a successful case study as to why BIM is important to mandate, look no further than the work of Conseil Regional de Bourgogne.

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