Canada BIM Council developing national standards framework

Credit: Canada BIM Council
Credit: Canada BIM Council

Canada‘s first framework concerning the certification and standardisation of Building Information Modelling use is currently in development.

The Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) are in-charge of outlining the regulations and they announced their intentions at a Construct Canada seminar on December 3rd.

The idea behind the initiative would mean that companies could be measured on how many CanBIM accredited team members they possess, and the more they have, the more opportunities they will be enabled to work.

“The long term goal of CanBIM is to advocate for BIM being more prevalent in projects or a requirement to a certain extent,” stated CanBIM’s Pietro Ferrari. “In light of that, what we have begun to do from the bottom rung up is we have launched the certification for individuals, so the individual gets benchmarked to a certain competency.

“But, what we would like to do is morph that into a certification for companies, architectural, engineering, consulting, construction, owners, operators — anybody that’s got anything to do with the building can become BIM certified on certain levels.”

Ferrari elaborated: “The intention would be the companies would require a certain number of CanBIM accredited individuals working in certain capacities, but also demonstrates that their projects have been done using multi-discipline BIM either in construction, or perhaps they are a facility manager who uses it as well.

The Research and Education Committee Director and Chair believes that once the framework takes off, Canadian Government will take notice and perhaps step in and provide additional direction.

“We are hoping as CanBIM to be the organization that sets the benchmark for companies working at the top of their game in BIM,” explained Ferrari. “So perhaps that catches the eye of government and makes companies competitive on an even playing field. The goal is to help integrate BIM more into projects, whether it is a private or a public owner.”

Read the original article detailing the framework plans at Daily Commercial News.

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