‘BIM im Bauwesen’ presentation shared by Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall

BIM.Technologies Information Manager Neil Marshall has shared one of his recent presentations online, and shared his thoughts about it exclusively with BIMcrunch.

Marshall discussed the transition from 2D to 3D to Building Information Modelling at DETAIL‘s ‘BIM in construction – Planning Process in Transition‘ on November 27th at the Technical University of Munich, Germany in-front of around 150 delegates.

“Integration of BIM at the very start of the process can inspire the building users to engage with the design process, to aid the delivery of a better healing environment”, stated Neil in the first slide of his presentation, which looks at how companies can and should integrate a BIM workflow within their business based on his experiences.

Citing his past working as a Director at architecture firm The Design Buro, Neil also addresses the importance of collaborative people, processes and technology, projects he has recently completed and he also provided a history of Building Information Modelling.

Neil told BIMcrunch: “The event was extremely busy, with a wide audience of architects, engineers and manufacturers keen to understand the UK’s BIM standards and our current level of adoption. All were very eager to move forward with their own plans for BIM implementation and seeking assurance that the investment delivered a return.

“I was very happy to be invited to discuss the work that I have been involved with and I hope to speak to those delegates again.”

Although without vocal commentary from Neil, his presentation is highly insightful for those who wish to view it. Check the slideshow about below.

UPDATE: For our German readers, event organisers DETAIL have recapped the event. Click here to read their analysis.

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