BIM at Ecobuild 2015 detailed, industry experts comment

Credit: Ecobuild/Geospatial Media
Credit: Ecobuild/Geospatial Media

Free training in Building Information Modelling has been announced to be taking place at Ecobuild 2015.

Taking place from March 3rd – 5th next year, the event allows for professionals keen to adopt Building Information Modelling within their business to learn how to do just that and also speak with other industry folk about their experiences they have had and challenges they have faced. Architects and BIM Managers to Designers and Quantity Surveyors are all encouraged to come along and either learn some hard facts or share some knowledge.

One to comment on the upcoming event was Anne Kemp, Director of BIM Strategy and Development at Atkins. She believes it is important to convey that human skills, rather than technology, is the true driving force behind widespread BIM adoption. Kempt said:

“We see BIM as the catalyst to enable the construction industry to work more cohesively and efficiently together. We believe it can bring a universal language to the wider industry – far too often we can all get entrenched in our own technical language and this just won’t cut it in the future. We want to cultivate world class digital engineers – increasingly we have fresh blood with impressive digital competency keen to enter the engineering profession – they will be looking to run with BIM so we must embrace it now.

“Whilst BIM brings with it a tsunami of data and technology which can sometimes feel overwhelming, we must ensure we know how to access and utilise a wider range of data – better and faster without losing sight of the required accuracy and quality – otherwise we are in danger of missing out on the long-term benefits of the integrated, informed decision making which BIM can bring. I think it’s also important to recognise that human skills underpin the success or otherwise of rolling out BIM across the industry.”

Vectorworks‘ Group Marketing Manager, Jacqui Smith also gave her thoughts on the “exceptional” event: “Ecobuild is an exceptional show for meeting the wider built environment BIM community. We seem to get more focus there. Architects are our top audience, however Ecobuild enables us to connect with the entire supply chain so is a solid investment for Vectorworks.

“We will be out in force to help people take the practical steps towards actually using BIM for their projects. Far too much time is spent on the theory side – we are about practical application and getting customers started on their journey.”

For more information on the event and what to expect, click here.

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