BIM catches attention at Sleep’s Hotel Design Event

Credit: Sleep
Credit: Sleep

Building Information Modelling capabilities relating to the designing, building and presenting of hotels were showcased at Sleep‘s Hotel Design Event last month, a place which also saw the winners of a next-generation design competition be announced.

The main Building Information Modelling hub came from the conjoined forces of Soluis and Space Group, who created the igloo-shaped Digital Lounge. Delegates who visited the lounge had a taste of virtual reality as they got to experience how devices such as Google Glass and Oculus Rift can be used in conjunction with BIM software to create an immersive experience to impress clients and partners.

Space Group’s CEO Rob Charlton also gave a speech to an audience, which was described as an “upbeat conference presentation on BIM” by Travel Daily News. An image taken from the talk was tweeted by Sleep’s official Twitter account:

Elsewhere at the event, the winner of Class of Your Own’s Underground Hotel challenge was revealed, which saw several teams of school children use BIM software to design a hotel to be situated in a London Underground station. St Ambrose Barlow Roman Catholic High School near Salford were announced as the winners by Soluis’ Mark McDonnell.

Commenting on the success of the event, Kali Nicholson, Brand Director for Sleep said: “The huge diversity of the many elements of Sleep means that both participants and visitors can take away with them so many different memories and ideas, let alone new contacts and renewed acquaintances. Sleep is like a precious watch in which all the hand-crafted elements rotate around one another to create a unique piece that perfectly tells the time – in our case ensuring our exhibitors do great business and our visitors are inspired.”

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