Best BIM Bad BIM: Michael McCullen

Credit: Asta Development
Credit: Asta Development

Answered from either a personal or industry-viewpoint perspective, Best BIM Bad BIM sees a member of the #GlobalBIMCrew divulge their best and worst BIM experiences and what they have learned from both. In the final edition of 2014, Executive Chairman of Asta Development, Michael McCullen gives his perspective on the best and bad of BIM.

What is Michael’s Best BIM experience?

An example of best BIM – is seeing a major contractor manage a large, complex city centre project using BIM. They brought the project stakeholders together as a collaborative team to improve communication and minimise project changes. Modelling and planning encompassed not only the construction site itself but also delivery routes for materials in accordance with a series of co-ordinated road closures.

What does Michael think is Bad about BIM?

One of the worst trends in BIM is the tendency for some companies to assume that using a mainstream 3D CAD tool means they are ‘doing BIM’. This is a failure to understand that BIM is a process and not a piece of software. Collaboration, 3D modelling, project scheduling, virtual construction, asset database management and communication are all benefits that can be derived from BIM projects, ‘supported’ by software applications.

What lessons can the industry learn having witnessed both Best and Bad BIM?

Best BIM is practiced by enlightened and engaged project stakeholders who are confident in their own abilities and who can see the upside for their own business and their clients by collaborating and sharing information. They focus on achieving the best possible outcome for their clients and not defending the old way of doing things or their position in the construction lifecycle. Best BIM practitioners can see that BIM will make the construction process more efficient, they choose best of breed, open software tools that compliment each other and help them to deliver the results they and their clients need.

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