WATCH – First of B1M University seminar videos now live

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

The first video in The B1M‘s B1M University series is now live and free to view.

B1M University allows architecture, engineering and construction students to access a rich video resource comprising of various masterclasses. On the flip side, firms who have utilised Building Information Modelling can also receive the spotlight to showcase themselves as a company that are firmly committed to the future of the industry.

The first event, taking place on October 23rd, 2014, was held at the University of Westminster and hosted by URSJames Daniel. With this seminar being the first in the B1M University’s calendar, it was appropriate for Daniel to present an introduction to Building Information Modelling practices.

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Daniel says at the start of his talk: “I hope that this introduction to BIM gives you some answers. Better yet, I hope it gives you some questions.” A statement that perfectly encapsulates what the BIM industry is all about. The sector is constantly evolving and everyone within it will no doubt seek the answer to a new question as soon as they have finished answering another.

Daniel talks about the UK Government’s 2016 Level 2 BIM mandate and 2025 construction strategy, statistics complied by McGraw Hill Construction and more.

Click here to view James Daniel’s Introduction to BIM seminar.

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