thinkBIM Recap: “If you don’t change, you will die in this industry”

Credit: ThinkBIM
Credit: thinkBIM

The latest thinkBIM event has been recapped on the organisation’s official blog.

Young BIM Leaders, which took place at the University of Hull on November 5th, featured a few verbal fireworks that encapsulated the theme of Bonfire Night.

Guest speakers presenting at the event included Class of Your Own’s Alison Watson and Space Group CEO Rob Charlton. COYO are the “driving force” behind Design… Engineer… Construct!, an entire construction curriculum that is educating and inspiring tomorrow’s BIM generation during secondary education. Similarly looking to the future, Charlton is the creative mind behind CAMPUS, the 12-week training initiative that takes students with degrees yet no practical skills and transforms them into BIM-enabled, employable candidates.

Watson discussed the need for school pupils to be aware of the digital built environment at an earlier stage than when they currently learn about it, if they do in fact receive any teaching on the subject! The DEC! founder also that the initiative is now offering a qualification the equivalent of an A Level thanks to support from the industry and universities. With some universities now offering Building Information Modelling-specific degrees, it is tremendous to see that some plans and programs are in-place to inspire and educate people lower than university entry age.

Charlton discussed setting up CAMPUS as a way of addressing the skills gap that he has noticed in recent times. Industry groups and the Government have outlined that changes need to be made, yet many companies are apprehensive about making those said changes or are simply unable to fathom how to make them. CAMPUS aims to address this knowledge dearth and as well as graduates, has also taken on NEETs in-order to make those people more employable.

With the start of the Government’s 2016 BIM mandate looming, the panel of speakers agreed that changes need to happen and they need to happen now. Charlton stated that “if you don’t change, you will die in this industry”, a sentiment shared recently by Mace Group’s David Philp and Bentley SystemsMalcolm Walter at Bentley’s recent Year in Infrastructure 2014 event.

Read the entire thinkBIM blog, which features additional thoughts on the two aforementioned presentations and the talk conducted by Sentamu Academy‘s Laura Mulligan, by clicking here.

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