Sandtoft’s Mercer discuss the “real beauty” of BIM

Credit: Twitter (@Johnmercer3)
Credit: Twitter (@Johnmercer3)

The Technical Manager at Sandtoft, a Wienerberger company, has had his article looking at the possibilities unlocked by Building Information Modelling published in premier roofing magazine.

John Mercer discussed the “real beauty” of BIM – which “has long been a potentially game-changing idea, but is now a game-changing reality” – during his piece in the latest issue of RCI Magazine, which is available now.

Mercer backs up his arguments for BIM implementation in your projects with hard facts that make for an intriguing read.

“BIM hugely assists with the drive to reduce UK wastage on government projects and will see an estimated £8.8 billion saved, which can be spent on more projects and further improving our infrastructure for the increases in population,” stated Mercer.

The Doncaster-based Manager also puts across the importance in manufacturers creating BIM objects to contain all the crucial specification information they need that can aid architects implementing the objects and facilities managers operating the building once it has been built. He explained:

“As the finer details of BIM develop, manufacturers realise that they need to provide all of the key specification
information that BIM requires for their products – and to find ways to present that information that will work
simply within the BIM framework.”

Click here to read John Mercer’s entire article in the latest issue of RCI Magazine.

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