Mace Group’s Philp: “UK has a built environment sector to be proud of”

Credit: Bentley Systems
Credit: Bentley Systems

Head of BIM at the BIM Task Group and Operations Manager at Mace Group, Professor David Philp has spoke proudly of the United Kingdom in a new Building Information Modelling related interview.

Speaking with UK Construction Online, Philp addressed what attracted him towards working within the BIM sector, at what point in his career he first realise that BIM would be massively influential and staying at “the vanguard of efficiency”.

Discussing his origins within BIM implementation, Philp stated: “I advanced through the company [Balfour Beatty], becoming Director of Technical Services and BIM Programme Director before leaving to join Mace as Head of BIM. In 2011, I was seconded into the Cabinet Office’s construction team as Head of BIM Implementation for the Government’s Construction Strategy. I have continued this secondment with the BIM Task Group core BIM team (Head of BIM).

“I have always enjoyed highlighting the potential of new technologies and how we interact with them to bring added value to the client and unlock new ways of working throughout the entire life-cycle. I am passionate about our industry and perceived BIM as being a catalyst for reform and rebranding as a technologically advanced sector. I was however initially attracted to BIM as an enabler of more integrated and concurrent working practices.”

Philp mentioned in the interview that BIM as we know it became apparent in 2011 and was when the digitisation of the construction industry really began.

“Whilst BIM has been about for many years it was 2011 and the publication of the Government Construction Strategy that we really saw a tipping point in motion with clients looking to leverage the benefits of computer readable data. I think at this point we started to herald the beginnings of digitised construction sector.”

Finally, Philp put across the reasons why he thinks BIM is improving the way projects are completed and is a better way of working than when before we adopted this process.

“Firstly we must recognise that the UK has a built environment sector to be proud of, one that is rich in heritage and has delivered many world class projects.

“As our sector becomes more globalised we are having to compete on a new basis and need to ensure that we stay at the vanguard of efficiency and digitisation of our sector is a key enabler. Smarter BIM-enabled procurement and operation is fundamental to this process ensuring clients are buying their information only once in a validated and co-ordinated form which they can reuse for many purposes.”

Click here to read the rest of the interview, which features Philp providing an explanation of Level 2 BIM.

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