Latest Irish Building Magazine provides BIM ‘Special Focus’

Credit: Irish Building
Credit: Irish Building

The latest edition of a popular Irish construction-themed magazine has provided a “special focus” on Building Information Modelling.

15 pages of the latest Irish Building Magazine publication magnify varying discussions about BIM adoption and implementation in Ireland and uses for the process in the Emerald Isle.

The first BIM-related article in the newest issue looks at the seemingly positive growth of BIM adoption across Ireland, with the article stating that there is a clear “willingness to change traditional ways of working” which has “improved efficiencies and led to more jobs”.

“It’s helping us win jobs and it’s also helping us increase efficiency in projects, specifically around the areas of clash detection and reduced wastage”, read one testimony from Ivan McCarthy, Project Manager at Sisk.

Another article looks at Exactal UK‘s CostX estimation software, in which the firm’s Director Simon Lovegrove gives advice to those who have not yet began implementing BIM within their business.

“They [non-adopters] need to start now. The movement towards BIM is irresistible and whilst it may currently appear to be an option, before long it will be ubiquitous simply because the benefits are too compelling for public and private clients alike,” explained Lovegrove.

Other pieces that are of interest include a “Time to Act is Now” declaration from Alun Baker, Managing Director EMEA of 4Projects by Viewpoint and a look at Murphy Surveyors being appointed by TK Maxx to create BIM models.

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