Fairsnape’s Brown discusses BIM & Lean, project pre-requisites needed

Credit: Building.co.uk
Credit: Building.co.uk

Freelance built environment consultant Martin Brown has discussed combining the processes of Lean Construction and Building Information Modelling in his latest Fairsnape blog post.

Inspired by a recent seminar he conducted at Leeds Beckett University entitled Lean BIM, Brown lists the six reasons as to why your company should adopt Lean BIM practices. Those reasons are:

1. BIM in conjunction with lean construction (ie Last Planner approaches) can get construction activity closer to the Honda expression of “everything we do … goes into everything we do” (Currently only 40-60% of what we do in construction goes into what we do, ie what we get paid for or hand over to our customers).
2. BIM, like lean construction thinking forces us to focus on the end game first, understanding client value and pulling that value through design and construction.
3. BIM, like Last Planner will reduce firefighting and stress on project management team.
4. BIM will drive lean and predictable programming and material sequencing.
5. BIM will streamline the supply value stream for materials, enabling just in time supply, adding value and reducing unnecessary costs.
6. BIM will greatly assist in improving information flow and communications, between project partners and supply chain. Techniques such as the TQM / Toyota ‘5 whys‘ repeatedly shows communication as the root cause of many if not all costly problem.

Brown states that although Lean Construction thinking and BIM implementation can provide businesses with much greater efficiencies, it is important to factor in steps needed to set them up correctly. For example, Brown notes that both need construction leadership at both organisation and project levels. He also lists other pieces of sound advice such as making sure contractors are involved early within a project and that a “strong collaborative culture” must be in-place and adhered to.

Click here to read the entirety of Martin Brown’s succinct, insightful blog post.

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