Exactal announce CostX partnership with AECOM

Credit: Exactal
Credit: Exactal

Exactal have announced a new business partnership with AECOM, with the latter adopting the former’s CostX estimation software package.

CostX allows for BIM investors to estimate the cost and timings of projects, so using the platform allows users to increase efficiencies in their business as they are able to collate information to see how best to handle tasks. CostX has been adopted by firms in over 70 countries across the globe.

A feature of Cost X will allow for the transferal of data from AECOM’s old measurement data systems to CostX, saving the investors a significant amount of time and hassle, a feature that enticed AECOM to finalise the deal.

Both parties commented on the multi-year deal, with the Chairman of AECOM’s Program, Cost, Consultancy’s Global Leadership Council Mark Prior stating: “We are excited about the adoption of CostX in our business. CostX’s enhanced functionality and ease of use will be of great benefit to our staff and ultimately our clients as we look to continually improve our service. CostX’s ability to link to our other systems, in particular our Global Unite tool, will enable us to further develop our intellectual property that allows us to give better advice to our clients at the inception of their projects.”

Exactal’s CEO Mark Kefford also commented, saying: “The adoption of CostX globally by AECOM is an important strategic agreement for Exactal and we are committed to ensuring the success of their rollout around the world. AECOM’s choice of CostX validates our continued investment in developing our product range to address real world 5D requirements. We look forward to releasing further innovations in our product line in the future.”

Speaking of further innovations, the latest version of the aforementioned software, CostX 5.0, is to be released on December 1st, 2014.

Click here to read the original press release promoting the new partnership.

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